For those of us who enjoyed Tim Baer's unique view of the world,


My cousins, brothers Tim and Tom have both passed away in the last few years.
They live on in my heart through many warm and hilarious moments,
and through the art on the following pages.
Rest in Peace
Timothy Baer 1963-2016
Thomas Baer 1952-2017

The idyllic family life; alternate worlds; real-life adventures-- they are all represented here,
as  conceived, written and drawn by Tim Baer

Be forewarned, however, in the following cartoons
there are no sacred cows and political correctness is out the window.

If you are easily offended,


!!!bail now!!!

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Tim Baer                  Tom Baer
The Artist and His Muse
The Artist & His Muse

***Special Thanks to David Baer, for the use of the art which his Uncle Tim originally drew for him.***

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