Hi there, fellow geeks!

Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer

 I've always wanted a place in cyberspace to put my stuff-- things that reflect my interests and amusements. With all of the billions of people in the world, I figure that a few of them might share my point of view and eventually find me here. With that in mind, I share my thoughts and creations and hope that someone out there will enjoy some of them.

Also, please note, that I have been a technician of one sort or another for most of my adult life. As a child raised by parents who had survived the Great Depression, I was always impressed with how often my dad or mom could fix or mend something that was broken. Bringing a discarded object back to life seemed to me to be the most impressive thing that one could do. That was the attraction.

The flip side of that, however, was the psychic pain caused by the continual evolution of technologies. Obsolescence, brought on by the ever-evolving tech landscape, has changed the world in so many ways, and not always for the best.  As a tech, I hated to dispose of so many machines that were  completely useful for the functions for which they were intended but whose time had been passed by. I think a lot of techs feel the same way.

As Heraclitus said, "There is nothing permanent except change." I have come to accept the changes, but I will not let go of the memories.

If I've touched a sympathetic nerve, come join me...

                                1) My Early Times With Video
The Museum of Lagging Edge Technology
changing world panasonic wj-5500a wj-5500a input/output
JVC switcher
jvc km-1200 i/o
panasonic ag-6500 decks
panasonic edit controller
editor i/o
panasonic 10" monitors
flight joystick
Magnavox portable vhs
FOR_A Time Base Corrector nikon slide scanner
realflight computer controller
realistic battery operated monitor
rf & power
sony mp3 player microtek  scanmaker 35t plus