How to Play Some Poker Games That I've Enjoyed

5 cards dealt; players bet; discard up to 3 cards (we play 4 if you choose to show an ace); high hand wins.         

5 Card & 7 Card Stud
5 card deal one card down and 4 up, betting on each turn up;
7 card deal two cards down, 4 up, last down; bet on each dealt card; show down at end

2 cards dealt face down; high hand wins; (straights and flushes do not count).

3 Card Monte
3 cards dealt face down; high hand wins; straights and flushes do count.

Spit In The Ocean
four cards are dealt to each player; a wild card is turned face up, this card is considered part of each players hand (cards  matching the turned up wild card are also wild); bet and draw up to three cards. Declare your best assembled hand.

Mexican Stud
five card stud game; 2 cards are dealt face down, player chooses one to turn up on each pass; bets on each pass also; one hole card remains at end unseen for showdown.

draw three cards; bet; draw two more (no discards); showdown.

this is mostly a side-bet game:  each player is dealt five cards face down, he does not look at them;
first player randomly turns over a card,  next player then bets with any takers whether the card he turns up will be higher or lower than last player's card (a tie adds both players' bets to the pot); this is done until each player has four exposed cards, the players then look at their remaining hole cards and finish by betting on the finished hand (like a 5 card stud game at end).

High Chicago  (or)  Low Chicago (***called in advance of deal only***)
split-pot stud games with high (High Chicago) spade or low (Low Chicago) spade in the hole dividing the pot with the high hand. Helps keep players in the game even if they have weak hands.

Whiskey Poker
five cards to each hand, one extra hand dealt face down; first player may exchange his hand for the face down hand or pass if up; next player does the same until someone exchanges his hand  with the extra hand (if all pass showdown is a must); the hand that the player exchanged  for the extra hand then goes face up; each player , in order, may then exchange one card from his hand for one card out of the exposed hand (or exchange the full hand or pass- not more than twice around without knocking) until someone "knocks"; this allows all other players (excluding the knocker) one more chance at the exposed hands before the showdown. High hand wins.

five cards are dealt to each player, five cards dealt face down in the middle; all bet; one card in middle is turned up, all bet using new card as part of their hand; this goes until all five cards in center are exposed-- then showdown picking best five cards of your hand plus center to form the highest hand.

five cards are dealt to each player, five are dealt in center (face up) in the shape of a cross; you chose which line of three (vertical or horizontal) to add to your hand and bet based on that information. Remember only 5 cards count at showdown.
criss cross


Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer