by Thomas Baer, Brian Baer & Keith Boyle

Little froggie, he was born on a bright and cheerful day.
Out upon a Lilly pad, where he began to play.
His father looked at him and all that he could say, was...

(*** chorus ***)
Rivet, rivet, rivet-rivet-rivet-rivet,
Rivet, rivet, rivet-rivet-rivet-rivet...

Little froggie, he grew up and soon he went to school.
He had a froggie teacher, and she was very cruel.
Gave him lots of homework and taught him all the rules.
Oh, (*** repeat chorus ***)

Little froggie was sixteen and he was very hip.
He and all his froggie friends were taking their first trip.
He shot up Coca-Cola and his mind began to slip.
Oh, (*** repeat chorus ***)

Little froggie reached eighteen and he was quite a head.
He lucked out, not like his friends, they all would up dead!
He became a pusher, was arrested by the Feds!
Oh, (*** repeat chorus ***)

Little froggie went to court and on that special day,
The charges brought against him, well, they were thrown away!
He faced the judge and jury, and all that he could say, was
(*** repeat chorus ***)

Little froggie reached nineteen and he made it quite fast.
Got a note from Uncle Sam, they needed him at last.
Reported for his physical, which he easily passed!
(*** repeat chorus ***)

Arriving at his boot-camp, and there they made him crawl.
Ran about eight miles, then ducked behind them all.
Hid behind some bushes and then he went AWOL!
Oh, (*** repeat chorus ***)

Hopped up north to Canada, where he planned to live,
But with his green complexion, he couldn't get a lift.
Got picked up two days later, while gulping down a fish!
Oh, (*** repeat chorus ***)

He got out ten years later and on that fatal day,
He got hit by a chopper, that merrily road away.
Lay dying on the roadside, and all that he could say was

Oh, (*** repeat chorus twice ***)

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