Brian R. Baer

Traveling down this road, carrying an ever-growing load.
Seeking any answers I can find.
Knowing that they won't come in time.

Out of phase and lost controls,
I'm losing days and I'm losing soul,

My mind's too heavy for faded goals, now I'm leaving them behind,
Until some other time?

Now the sounds become my only friends.
They stay a while, they poise and then descend.
They're telling me how everything must end,
And how there's peace, if only I will bend
Again... again...

The road is long, it forks ahead.
My eyes are misty --my feet, they've turned to lead.
Whichever path I take today, should have always been the other way,
I can't go back and I cannot stay, again,
The end --

Again and again and again and again,
Again and again and again and again, again...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer