Zane Zahner & Brian Baer

There's a thrill to the breeze as it blows autumn leaves,
For the carnival's coming today.
Tell your friends, "Gather round," for it's coming to town,
Yes, the carnival's well under way.

Dressed in festive attire, we will dance 'round the fires,
As we revel in the joys of our time.
And we juggle our plans, like a clown, out of hand,
As we ride and we watch and we play.

And the carousel turns, and we live while we learn,
From the ups and the downs of our days.
Still we hope and we dream, that we'll soon find the scheme,
That can give us the patterns we crave.

Know the burdens we bear are the talents we share,
For in touching of others we're made whole.
Still the shadows remain, and therein lie our names,
For we live in the process, not the goal.

In our carnival days, we will sing, we will play,
Spreading joy that our living will bring.
Hear them laugh, hear them cry, wipe the tears from their eyes,
They have come for their carnival days...

Yes, the carnival's coming today... the carnival's coming today...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer