"Catchy Name"

Zane Zahner & Brian Baer

Oh, you need a catchy name, if you want to go for fame;
That's what Ritchie said, and he should know.
'Cause he really was big time. He had mastered every line.
He once played behind the stage on a Broadway show,
So he should know...

Original groups came by, with new songs they could try.
Fresh thoughts and feelings came on through and through.
But Ritchie's band copied every line, never showing their own minds;
Just cloning others' lives from head to toe,
And he should know...

Ritchie, he finally got bored of playing the same old chords;
And even with his catchy name folks said, "Who are you?"
So he figured it was time, to write his own creative lines.
The titles of the songs he wrote, they grew and grew;
Too late he knew...

It's true the lights are there, if anybody cares;
But many nights you'll sleep upon the ground.
Like Ritchie spending time, scrounging for every dime;
But follow your own mind for the way to go.
It's your own life you know...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer