"Don't step on the earth"

Brian R. Baer


Don't step on the earth.

Don't stand in the sun.

Don't let any air touch you

Or you're done, done, done, done...

Living in my *Neptune Home,

Well below the sea.

Mixing up some atmosphere

For you and for me.

I remember a time when these wonders,

Just couldn't be,

Before the CO-2 made the land reach,

One hundred and three.

And now it's --

(***repeat chorus***)

All our vital discoveries

And all our science technologies,

Could not replace a blade of grass,

Or stop the deadly rays that passed,

Through the ozone that we thinned down,

'Til they destroyed our very ground.

And now, until our time is spent,

We have to live while we repent

And it's --

(***repeat chorus twice***)

(* author's note: I figured the imaginary Neptune Home would make a good brand name for an underwater abode.*)

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer