"How I want you"

Thomas Baer & Brian Baer

Oh, girl, how I want you.
Oh, girl, how I need you.
Oh, girl, how can I prove to you
How much I love you?

When I was just sixteen, I saw you as my queen.
Now those days are gone. (days are gone)
And I linger on (I linger on),
And I need you more each day. Girl, I want you!

When I first saw your face,
I went and asked you for a date.
But you turned me down (you turned me down),
I felt like a clown (like a clown),
And inside my heart started to break.
Why can't you love me, girl?
Why won't you love me?

So many times I tried after that.
Over many years I fell deeper in the trap.
Now those years are through (years are through),
And you're lonely, too, (lonely, too).
Please, girl, can I spend my life with you?

Cause I love you, girl,
I'll always love you, girl.
I'll always love you.
La...la-la la la la...la-la la la la...la-la la la la...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer