"Lesson #3"

Brian R. Baer

Once I had a love who was true to me,

At a time when I was too blind to see.

Now she's gone away, though I begged her to stay.

Leaving me alone and, I guess, free.

Left alone to seek what I could find.

I've lost my heart, next to lose my mind.

Why should I be blue? It was what I wanted, too.

It's hard to accept it, that you've been a fool (so cruel),

And as you've done onto others, so they'll do onto you.

When a guy says, "I love you!", it's right now, baby.

And he loves you with all his heart.

So grab for the fire, while it's burning,

And give yours a chance to start,

And give yours a chance to start...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer