Brian R. Baer

Let your life time go by,

Though the moments you enjoy seem to fly.

You know what they say, "Live life by the day."

But we know that it goes by slowly.

Slowly, slowly; Ah, living every moment like you've got no time to breathe!

Slowly, slowly; Pacing every movement so you're there in time to leave!

You need pay no heed to me, The life you got was free.

It's yours until the day, they come take it away,

Until then it goes by slowly.

Slowly, slowly; Living every moment like it's gonna be your last.

Slowly, slowly; You needn't have a future if you haven't got a past...

(***author's note: This was the second song in my "Trilogy of Life - Youth, Life/Time and Old"***)

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer