"The Lighten Up theme"

Brian R. Baer

Baby, it's all right.
You can leave everything on the outside,
That makes you uptight. (UPTIGHT)
I can show you (SHOW YOU) just what to do, (WHAT TO DO)
To make all the love inside of you work out for you. (OOO OOO)

How long (HOW LONG) can this go on? (GO ON)
Everyday without you beside me
Drags on too long! (TOO LONG)
But I know (I KNOW) just what to do, (WHAT TO DO)
Aw, lighten up, baby, now, we'll make it through. (OOO OOO)

Baby, (BABY) tell me you love me! (LOVE ME)
Say that you need me! (NEED ME)
Pretend that it's true. (OOO OOO)
And I'll try, (I'LL TRY) to give you the loving, (OOO OOO)
That'll make all of the world's lies turn back to truths.

You paint all the worries with a serious brush,
Deny yourself the comfort of a warm, human touch,
Hide yourself from pleasure like a rabbit in its hutch,
I really think you think about it way too much.

'Cause, baby, (BABY) it's really all right. (ALL RIGHT)
There's never any reason, now, to stay so uptight. (UPTIGHT)
Tomorrow's (TOMORROW'S) cares are never done, (NEVER DONE)
And another day just like today will never come. (OOO OOO)

Baby, (BABY) it's all right, baby, (BABY)
Lighten up, baby; (BABY) It's all right, baby, (BABY)
Lighten up, baby. (BABY) Lighten up, baby... (BABY)......

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer