Brian R. Baer

I think the time has come. "For what?" asks someone.
A time when there is no more -- no friends, no war.

You can ask the wind, for it knows more than I,
Or the vines that were creeping, for they're learning to die.
But my aging eyes, and my doubting mind,
Have seen through all reason, now light no longer shines.

Deliver my treasures and look to the sky.
As I look at my life, I do nothing but cry.
All mine is ending, at twenty-odd years old.
As I sit and I watch, the whole world's losing its soul.

And it's losing, losing, losing, losing...

In this confusion, I've searched for a life,
But civilization, you cut like a knife.
Your stone heads and gables, can't stare me down,
I know when I've ended, you'll still be around.

And we're losing, yeah, we're losing, losing, losing...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer