"Mara's Song"

Brian R. Baer

Sitting at home on a cold winter's day, warming my feet by the fire.
Thinking of you, you know that it's true, and wondering what most I admire.

The brown of your eyes, the dark of your hair,
The note of your voice when you're sighing,
The look of your face, the touch of your hand,
When in my hand it's lying.

Oh, go with me, beyond land and sea, beyond the reach of men.
Your mind that is free is the best company, until I’m with you again.

Oh, what is a lifetime if it can't be shared? What’s love not given away?
Your beauty was never designed for yourself,
But meant for my eyes turned your way.

Even is winter, with logs piled high, my arms still reach out to thee.
Not warmth of your body, but warmth of your mind,
Will take the love always from me,
And give my love, always, to thee,
To thee, to thee, to thee...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer