Brian R. Baer

All your victories are in the past; (You're old, you're old...)

Of the old gang, you've become the last.

You sit on your porch and watch the sun,

Remembering some long-lost fun, Or how you fought back in forty-one.

These kids today, they don't understand. (You're old, you're old...)

You've earned your money, you own your land.

You've made for them a land that's free, And given them democracy,

- Something which they cannot see...

You've got yourself and you know you're free. (You're old, you're old)

Waiting for God to come for thee.

If you brace yourself, you could walk around,

If someone would help when you fall down.

If only there was someone around...

(***author's note: This was the last song in my "Trilogy of Life - Youth, Life/Time & Old"***)

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer