"The Paranoid Song"

Brian R. Baer

Today I stayed inside, trying so hard to hide,
From my neurotic concerns.
But the newspaper's at my door, scaring me more and more,
My locks give no safety, I've learned.

Terrorists are taking planes, rebels are attacking trains;
I haven't traveled in years.
The headline speaks of arms control,
Page two tells why crops won't grow,
The next page is a full ad from Sears!

Ah! Paranoia is the word, describing all the things I’ve heard,
And it is aptly applied.
My delusions may be a pain, but I know they’ll keep me sane,
At least they may help me survive!

The news notes the countryside's dangers are spreading wide,
Pollutants have tinted the skies!
And as the air currents change, I can feel the acid rain,
Mixing with the tears in my eyes.

Who can blame me if I fear, all the rumors that I hear?
I know that I seem the fool!
But as you go through the years, harboring your growing fears,
You'll become paranoid, too!

Elections are bought and sold, by those who have the gold,
Who never give any in tax!
Deception is everywhere, growing with tender care,
Hiding the knife in the back!

Economic dives and dips, stocks fall like poker chips,
Savings are gone in a flash.
Sex involving leather whips, tied from toes to fingertips,
And always requiring cash!

Paranoia calms the herd, suspicion lurks 'neath every word,
And hope remains out in the blue.
As the harbingers of doom appear and start to loom so very near,
You'll become paranoid, too!
You'll be a paranoid, too... you'll be a paranoid, too...

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer