"The Wizard"

Brian R. Baer

Throughout the ages, there's evil and good.
Wizards and demons, do like they should.
But when they want peace, unfortunately,
They've no place to run to and no one to go to,
Their souls can never be free.

Dragons are house-pets, vultures are, too.
All kinds of familiars are hungry for you.
Dressing in black robes, or fiery red,
They've plagues and they've blights and they've horrible spells
That leave you so much worse than dead.

Now darkness is coming, you've no place to hide.
The creatures are coming, they stand by your side.
They wait for your calling, and heed your command,
For you are the wizard and you are the power,
And you are the ultimate man!

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer