Brian R. Baer

Youth, it comes and it lasts a day,
And in no time it's gone away.
You cannot hold it, it will not stay,
With you, with you.

Parents meet and then life appears,
And walks the earth for destined years,
And in the end it dies in fear,
Alone, alone.

Man is the captive of his time,
Though immortal shores he seeks to climb,
And that's the pity
That lies beneath this rhyme...

The body dies, but life remains,
For it's not a function of the brain,
It just transcends this earthly plane,
And it goes where no one knows,
And where it goes, no one knows--
And it goes, where no one knows...

(***author's note: This was the first song in my "Trilogy of Life - Youth, Life/Time and Old"***)

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Copyright 2013 by Brian R. Baer