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A mid-western pillow factory employs a centuries-old witch to ensure that people dream. Non-dreamers are found and are about to be studied by a psychologist. The powers that be cannot allow this to happen. Meet Hattie  and her new teen-age helper, Jack Wells, and see what happens when she tries to correct the situation.

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ice floe

         Jonathan Grier is tired of his job and his wife and his family and            his life in general. He seeks to run away from it all by floating                  away on a small iceberg. He soon finds, however, that his idea is              not as unique as he had thought -- and what's that one guy doing              walking on water? A humorous, surrealistic piece designed to                  create the perfect minimalistic stage play.

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A collection of wide-ranging short stories: a young bride and a demonic cat; a time-traveling war historian; the troubles of the Inter-Galactic Mining Company; a Q&A session with God;a soap-opera dilemma; writer's block; a viking feast; a young politically-connected detective investigates a murder; even a fairy tale, poetry and more. Something for everyone.

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