I am tasked with going on a God hunt – looking for God – where will I find God – when will I have Him in my sights?

In the Tuesday kumbayah circle I was pretty impressed with my fellow worshipers – they see God everywhere.

I sit in silence. It is pretty evident to me that I am not holy the way they are. I know God can be everywhere – but really, is He? Do I really need to know His presence in every action that I take? I make decisions and discernments all day long without the thought or belief that every one of those comes from God. I know if I ask or allow Him, He will honor the request in His Will; but is it so wrong that I don’t ask? That I might move forward with the same assurance that I tie my shoelaces daily without asking Him how to do that? Isn’t there something that I’ve learned that has not come from God? I don’t want to take anything away from Him-but really?

In an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Dewey, the youngest brother has a hamster that ends up outside in one of those plastic bubbles. For the rest of the series in every episode we randomly see the hamster ball rolling across the background. I think that might be like God. Always there, not always seen. But when you look, there He is.

I have the same problem with prayers. We pray for Lizzie, the runaway. I know (like I know how to tie my shoes) that God has covered her, whatever her situation or outcome, for we are praying for her. She has that big old red umbrella over her like the insurance company in the TV commercials. But does that mean that another runaway that doesn’t have anyone praying for them will be harmed? Is that how it works? When we pray for safe travel, God honors that request. So if someone else dies in an accident, does that mean no one prayed for them? Or if they arrive safely God was there?

I fret that I am not wholly holy. I lie in bed awake at 3am. Then I smile. A smile that would have dimples if God had given them to me.

Because God is here. In my quiet insides, He lives. And blesses me with the gift and assurance of His Holy Spirit. He is in my cross-hairs. Even if I do not focus correctly. I have found Him for one more day.


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