When I was in college, I helped a friend who was youth minister at a local church. One evening he was thumbing through a Bible left in his office by one of the young high school girls. And he snickered at a section she had underlined. Apparently the ‘meat’ of the verses was a little further down; the part she marked was only ‘milk’.

I knew that did not sit well with me. How did he know what God was saying to her at that time in her journey? What if all she was able to understand was the milk? Milk is often referred to as food for babies and meat is for the grownups. This reference is sometimes applied to learning and growing in Christian life. But alas, in my walk as a young adult, I was at the drinking milk level in my ability to call someone else out on their nonsensical judgment.

Well, I’ve grown a bit in that area and I love to share my thoughts and opinions. So that is what you will find here – what I have to say about a variety of things.

I don’t know that they are ‘correct’ in a theological kind of way. I know they are the thoughts I had at the time they were written. Perhaps they are milk; perhaps they are meat; perhaps they are water; perhaps they are gristle. But they are thoughts that I was given and hopefully they are not too off track for you.

 At any rate – they are what - I SAY!


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