My Viet Nam photo gallery 2
Aeroscouts & more
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bb & rocketrandy the shovelerbob hope show
                                                    Brian Baer with rocket                            Randy Daugherty                 Bob Hope Christmas Show 1968                                              
duc pho granthamhooch maid Hoa Le Thi & curtisnorthern check point Chu Laibugs armed
                     (l to r) Mysak, Welker, Fugate,     Curtis & Hoa Le Thi, hooch maid       Chu Lai northern check point & bunkers                 Brian Baer                             
       (?),  & Grantham                                                                                                                                                                                      
artillery bunkerdemocracycoffee breakdestroyed cobra
              Artillery bunker                       (l to r) Mills, Baer, Nephi, Thomas        Curtis, Wiggins, Wadsworth       Removing ammo from destroyed Cobra
guys at duc phopad rocket damagephantom f-4
                                       (?), Mysak, Welker, Fugate        Helipad damaged by rocket attack, Chu Lai             Marine Phantom Fighter Jet                                             
in the fieldslick landingBob McMannon- vet who loaned me $10 in Sydney
                      Field operation                                            Warlord slick gunship                           Bob McMannon, a great guy,  who loaned me
                                                                                                                                                         ( a total stranger but fellow vet) money when on leave 
                                                                                                                                                         in Sydney, Australia! (P.S. I actually repaid him!)     
warlord's slick gunshiprocket damaged truckapc's moving out
                                          Warlord slick gunship               3/4 ton truck damaged by rocket attack          Armored Personel Carriers on the move                                    
randy's sleeping tablerocket damaged latrinewarlords' patchwrecked phantom f-4
             Randy Daugherty, always alert!      Chu Lai 4-Hole latrine after rocket attack        Americal & Warlords' Patches         Wrecked Marine Phantom Jet                   
link to the Website of the Warlords
bb & swain                                                                 Drafted & ServedDrafted & Served back cover
                    Edward Swain & Brian Baer                                                                           click here to read preview of Steven Banks' meticulously 
                                                                                                                                  researched story of Edward Swain and his tour of duty with the Aero Scouts
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