My Viet Nam photo gallery 3
Aeroscouts & more
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rice fields and ruinsbarb wire ocean scenebb color rocket
  Old temple ruins by rice paddies                                     Chu Lai ocean view                                Brian Baer with rocket
bob hope showwave from duc phonorthern check point Chu Laicobra delivery systems
              Bob Hope Christmas Show 1968          (?) refueling at Duc Pho                                         C130                                       Cobra armament                   
air strikeat the clubduc pho refuel chopper lineexplosion behind landing chopper
Rocket attack from our side              Daugherty & Davenport at EM club       Warlords' breaking at Duc Pho             Rocket explosion near Duc Pho
jb sharpening knifemess hall friendivory, randy & jb
                                    John Black sharpening knife                        (?) My mess hall friend                     Tim Ivory, Randy Daugherty, John Black                                
mama-sanbb & hoathe view
         "Mama-san" one of our hooch maids                   Brian Baer & Hoa Le Thi                                Viet Nam river valley                   
lavernethe guysnephi
                                                             LaVerne                        Delosantos, Sargent, Wiggins, Fugate                   Fernando Nephi                                                    
randy in chopperbunch of usskeeterinterior chopper view
                     Randy Daugherty               Daugherty, Delosantos, Fugate, Sargent, Baer                  LOH  in flight                                 Preparing for take-off                   
link to the Website of the Warlords
randy on tablebb guitar
                                                                        Randy Daugherty & friend                                           Brian Baer                                                                                   
lehp     ppg     vn
randy jeepmore air warside slick
                                                 Randy Daugherty                                   Another view of Viet Nam                                   Huey "slick"                                                    
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